Pahang, Malaysia - XDash

All participats of XDash Multiplication Game for the State of Pahang, Malaysia
Performance of Children (Age 7-12)

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#NameStateCountryAgeTime Taken (sec) 
151Nurhazliza RosmanPahangMalaysia12178.323
152Nor Fatin YusrinaPahangMalaysia12179.644
153nik ilyasPahangMalaysia12184.471
154nur isna marinaPahangMalaysia12190.004
156nur irissyaPahangMalaysia12197.644
158Nur Izzati RaihanaPahangMalaysia12211.988
159Nor Fatin YusrinaPahangMalaysia12225.216
160aishah yasminPahangMalaysia12225.597
162Nur Fatin NadzirahPahangMalaysia12256.651
163Alesha NabilahPahangMalaysia12268.817
164Nur Aika Khairisya Binti Khairil AzlanPahangMalaysia12269.177
165nur eriesya balqisPahangMalaysia12320.165
167Hawa NajwaPahangMalaysia12333.609

XDash - Multiplication Race is a free Android App meant to improve mathematic multiplication skill, suitable for all ages especially primary school students. Practice mathematical multiplication skill the fun way and be ranked as the best in XDash Weekly and the All-Time charts.