Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia - XDash

All participats of XDash Multiplication Game for the State of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Performance of Children (Age 7-12)

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#NameStateCountryAgeTime Taken (sec) 
351nurul ellyana bt dzulkafleeNegeri SembilanMalaysia11199.527
352hazim ifwatNegeri SembilanMalaysia10199.619
353Nur Sakinah binti MazlanNegeri SembilanMalaysia10210.83
354puteri syazwinaNegeri SembilanMalaysia10215.6
355Zuzainatul Nisha Bt ZulkifliNegeri SembilanMalaysia12218.763
356shia hui wenNegeri SembilanMalaysia11246.121
357shahiraNegeri SembilanMalaysia12257.239
358elisaNegeri SembilanMalaysia11262.544
359ImanNegeri SembilanMalaysia12268.846
360nuraisyah irdina bt mohamad hakimiNegeri SembilanMalaysia10300.224
361SyahmiNegeri SembilanMalaysia12326.049
362eisyaNegeri SembilanMalaysia11341.172
363luqman hanisNegeri SembilanMalaysia9617.415
364NanaNegeri SembilanMalaysia7691.661
365kakakNegeri SembilanMalaysia91146.247
366nur izzati bte mohd isaNegeri SembilanMalaysia111919.911

XDash - Multiplication Race is a free Android App meant to improve mathematic multiplication skill, suitable for all ages especially primary school students. Practice mathematical multiplication skill the fun way and be ranked as the best in XDash Weekly and the All-Time charts.