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All participats of XDash Multiplication Game for the State of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Performance of Children (Age 7-12)

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#NameStateCountryAgeTime Taken (sec) 
351muhammad hadif aimanNegeri SembilanMalaysia828.99
352Nursara NazzuinNegeri SembilanMalaysia1228.834
353Muhammad Hadif Fikry Bin AzharNegeri SembilanMalaysia1128.658
354LLNegeri SembilanMalaysia1228.63
355ROS ROZIANANegeri SembilanMalaysia1128.194
356muhammad luqman hakim bin rosdiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1228.188
357muhammad zafran naqibNegeri SembilanMalaysia1027.88
358naufalNegeri SembilanMalaysia1227.564
359Nur Alya HermilaNegeri SembilanMalaysia1226.649
360zara zeb binti muhammad falak zebNegeri SembilanMalaysia1225.908
361farisNegeri SembilanMalaysia1225.88
362nur fara nisa aliesha binti zayadiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1125.819
363nur aqilah mariahNegeri SembilanMalaysia1225.723
364Nurul Anis SK Desa CempakaNegeri SembilanMalaysia1224.903
365ardyamminNegeri SembilanMalaysia1222.727
366mutmainnahmkNegeri SembilanMalaysia1222.262
367Faris SKUJNegeri SembilanMalaysia1222.046
368faris irfanNegeri SembilanMalaysia1221.639
369FARISNegeri SembilanMalaysia1121.179
370muhammad luqman hakim bin rosdiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1220.317
371muhammad luqman hakim bin rosdiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1220.028
372ARDY PUTRANegeri SembilanMalaysia1219.411
373PUTRANegeri SembilanMalaysia1219.325
374AMMINULLAHNegeri SembilanMalaysia1218.867
375ARDY PUTRA AMMINULLAH BIN MOHD RAZIFNegeri SembilanMalaysia1218.694
376muhammad faris irfanNegeri SembilanMalaysia1218.601
377ardy putra amminullahNegeri SembilanMalaysia1218.584
378muhammad faris irfan bin khairul azwanNegeri SembilanMalaysia1218.407
379PUTRANegeri SembilanMalaysia1118.163
380muhammad faris irfanNegeri SembilanMalaysia1218.118
381ardyNegeri SembilanMalaysia1117.548
382Ardy Putra Amminullah b mohd RazifNegeri SembilanMalaysia1217.489

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