Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia - XDash

All participats of XDash Multiplication Game for the State of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Performance of Children (Age 7-12)

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#NameStateCountryAgeTime Taken (sec) 
101Nur IsmadaniaNegeri SembilanMalaysia1234.643
102FazuraNegeri SembilanMalaysia1134.486
103IRFAN Fahmi bin Muhamad ZaimNegeri SembilanMalaysia1032.977
104ADLI PUTRANegeri SembilanMalaysia931.328
105Aliff ImranNegeri SembilanMalaysia1130.62
106AqilNegeri SembilanMalaysia1030.091
107SaraNegeri SembilanMalaysia1129.877
108RifqiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1029.567
109Nursyasya NazreenNegeri SembilanMalaysia1129.491
110muhammad hadif aimanNegeri SembilanMalaysia1028.99
111muhammad zafran naqibNegeri SembilanMalaysia1227.88

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