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All participats of XDash Multiplication Game for the State of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Performance of Children (Age 7-12)

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#NameStateCountryAgeTime Taken (sec) 
1Ardy Putra Amminullah b mohd RazifNegeri SembilanMalaysia1017.489
2muhammad faris irfanNegeri SembilanMalaysia1018.118
3muhammad faris irfan bin khairul azwanNegeri SembilanMalaysia1018.407
4ardy putra amminullahNegeri SembilanMalaysia1018.584
5muhammad faris irfanNegeri SembilanMalaysia1018.601
6ARDY PUTRA AMMINULLAH BIN MOHD RAZIFNegeri SembilanMalaysia1018.694
7najma nurazmina bt zakariaNegeri SembilanMalaysia1119.836
8NAJMA NURAZMINA BINTI ZAKARIANegeri SembilanMalaysia1119.91
9muhammad luqman hakim bin rosdiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1020.028
10muhammad luqman hakim bin rosdiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1020.317
11Najma NurazminaNegeri SembilanMalaysia1120.785
12mutmainnahmkNegeri SembilanMalaysia1022.262
13Nurul Ain FarhanahNegeri SembilanMalaysia1123.105
14NUR AMEERA SYAFIQA BINTI AZHARNegeri SembilanMalaysia1223.502
15Aiman AqilNegeri SembilanMalaysia1223.867
16NUR AMEERA SYAFIQA BINTI AZHARNegeri SembilanMalaysia1224.413
17Muhammad fariz bin zayadiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1224.892
18ZaimNegeri SembilanMalaysia1225.19
19Nur athirahNegeri SembilanMalaysia1125.285
21nur fara nisa aliesha binti zayadiNegeri SembilanMalaysia925.819
22zara zeb binti muhammad falak zebNegeri SembilanMalaysia1025.908
23NurfanaNegeri SembilanMalaysia1226.18
24muhammad fariz bin zayadiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1226.215
25muhammad fariz bin zayadiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1226.32
26Nur Alisya AidaNegeri SembilanMalaysia1226.541
27Nur Alya HermilaNegeri SembilanMalaysia1026.649
28Muhammad Ihsan bin HamzahNegeri SembilanMalaysia1226.893
29Muhammad fahim bin azaharNegeri SembilanMalaysia1127.624
30AMNA NUR SAFIYYA BT ZULKARNAINNegeri SembilanMalaysia1227.992
31Aisyah AqilahNegeri SembilanMalaysia1128.182
32muhammad luqman hakim bin rosdiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1028.188
33ROS ROZIANANegeri SembilanMalaysia928.194
34Muhammad Shah DanielNegeri SembilanMalaysia1228.513
35LLNegeri SembilanMalaysia1028.63
36Muhammad Hadif Fikry Bin AzharNegeri SembilanMalaysia928.658
37Afiq NazmiNegeri SembilanMalaysia1228.952
38MUHAMMAD ANAS YAFITH BIN MOHD SAPUDINNegeri SembilanMalaysia1229.125
39haikal danielNegeri SembilanMalaysia1229.363
40Muhamad Zaim Bin Mohd ZamriNegeri SembilanMalaysia1229.393
41AIMAN AQIL BIN MOHAMMAD ZAINOORNegeri SembilanMalaysia1229.525
42ROS ROZIANI BT MOHD RADZUANNegeri SembilanMalaysia1229.629
43NURUL AIDA BT ATALINegeri SembilanMalaysia1229.631
44InawNegeri SembilanMalaysia1229.726
45Puteri Nurul ImanNegeri SembilanMalaysia1129.889
46muhammad shah danielNegeri SembilanMalaysia1230.388
47deveshaNegeri SembilanMalaysia1230.537
48Muhammad Daniel Bin YahyaNegeri SembilanMalaysia1230.556
49Aliff ImranNegeri SembilanMalaysia730.62
50Nur ameera syafiqa binti azharNegeri SembilanMalaysia1230.697

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