List of States

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161BE-BRUBrussels Hoofdstedelijk GewestBelgium
162BE-VLGVlaams GewestBelgium
163BE-WALRĂ©gion WallonneBelgium
164BF-01Boucle du MouhounBurkina Faso
165BF-02CascadesBurkina Faso
166BF-03CentreBurkina Faso
167BF-04Centre-EstBurkina Faso
168BF-05Centre-NordBurkina Faso
169BF-06Centre-OuestBurkina Faso
170BF-07Centre-SudBurkina Faso
171BF-08EstBurkina Faso
172BF-09Hauts-BassinsBurkina Faso
173BF-10NordBurkina Faso
174BF-11Plateau-CentralBurkina Faso
175BF-12SahelBurkina Faso
176BF-13Sud-OuestBurkina Faso
180BG-04Veliko TarnovoBulgaria

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