Last Week Performance By State - All Ages

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#StateCountryTime Taken (sec)Best PlayerAge 
1SelangorMalaysia19.425Najmi Ihsan bin Rahim11
2Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala LumpurMalaysia20.003khairunnaqibah13
3TerengganuMalaysia26.148scout hebat15
4JohorMalaysia26.559I a Legendary7
5KedahMalaysia28.186muhammad muizzuddin11
7PahangMalaysia55.867Nurul Aqilah11

XDash - Multiplication Race is a free Android App meant to improve mathematic multiplication skill, suitable for all ages especially primary school students. Practice mathematical multiplication skill the fun way and be ranked as the best in XDash Weekly and the All-Time charts.