Last Week Performance By State - All Ages

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#StateCountryTime Taken (sec)Best PlayerAge 
2Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala LumpurMalaysia22.165fiea farhanna sari12
3TerengganuMalaysia24.324fiea hanna12
4MelakaMalaysia27.153Yusni Salami35
7Negeri SembilanMalaysia50.291Alya syazwani bt rozerey10
8JohorMalaysia52.449nur sabariza11
9SarawakMalaysia54.208Nur Balqis Batrisya Bt Emran9
10KedahMalaysia56.943Nur Aina Zafirah10
11PerakMalaysia181.203umar haziq9

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