Last Week Performance - All Ages

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#NameStateCountryAgeTime Taken (sec) 
51MUHD ANIQ PUTRASelangorMalaysia1227.321
52ULTRAMAN ZEROSelangorMalaysia1227.302
53Budak SubangSelangorMalaysia1226.556
54apa itu namaSelangorMalaysia625.786
55AQEEF POWERSelangorMalaysia625.683
56si bijakSelangorMalaysia1225.267
57js leeWilayah Persekutuan Kuala LumpurMalaysia1024.762
58ANIQ JRSelangorMalaysia1224.655
59Yusni SalamiMelakaMalaysia3522.066
61BUDAK BJSelangorMalaysia1119.967
62DAMIEN AKIFSelangorMalaysia1119.923

XDash - Multiplication Race is a free Android App meant to improve mathematic multiplication skill, suitable for all ages especially primary school students. Practice mathematical multiplication skill the fun way and be ranked as the best in XDash Weekly and the All-Time charts.